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Daily Yoga Classes at NIMB

The apprehension one gets when standing at the edge of a cliff looking over the spectacular mountains, that short sight of oneness with nature is our guide, which leads us to the ecstasy that one strives for through the practice of yoga. There are very few places where you can just be yourself and enjoy the company of nature within a city. Here, with the birds singing, the sunlight glittering and the wind sighing through the trees, we have immediate access to the present moment. The hurried mind can relax amidst nature’s rhythms.

Benefits of Yoga

An initiative to develop a meditation and asana practice outside to balance yourself. It is not only a benefit to us, but a means of loving and appreciating our planet.

  • Spending time in nature replenish depleted energy

  • Practicing outdoors aligns you with Nature

  • increases your inner proprioception skills

  • Natural scenery heightens awareness

  • Builds confidence

  • Aligns you with Nature

  • Strengthen your meditation practice

What to get?

  • Yoga Mat

  • Water Bottle

  • Napkin